OpenStack Days Canada in Ottawa is a non-profit event supported by the OpenStack Foundation and organized by the OpenStack Ottawa User Group and lead by Noura Daadaa.

OpenStack Days Canada objective and goals are to educate and raise the interest in new technologies and to bring new members and individuals into the OpenStack and Cloud Community in our region.

We are welcoming 300 IT experts, cloud operators, technology, providers, developers & IT executives from the high tech community to discuss cloud computing and learn about the latest OpenStack features.

Ottawa is a great software development hub that hosts many IT companies and organizations. There is a vibrant meetup and user group culture to learn from others and share knowledge.

OpenStack Days Canada will be welcoming sessions covering a variety of themes for techies such as: core OpenStack technologies as well as their deployment in Cloud Infrastructure and Platforms (e.g. IaaS & PaaS), Microservices and Containers, Big Data and Analytics, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Deployment, Internet of Things, Performance & Optimization, Architecture & Security, and Development Methodologies.